“Magnifique film, composé de commentaires très profond sur la musique d’un grand homme, sur sa spiritualité, sur sa philosophie face aux chaos de la vie terrestre. La musique de Messiaen est un voyage vers la lumière et la transcendance, accompagné par un sourire – le sourire suprême des grands créateurs comme Mozart, Borges ou Shakespeare.”

Régis Campo, composer

“A remarkable film by Moon, on Messiaen’s transcendental masterpiece Quartet for the End of Time.  Especially striking to hear it played by the President’s Own, as an inversion of power, expression amidst imprisonment vs. exultation, the role of music, and what music can do in environments, as a powerful means for language, when words fail.  Transcendent music, a transcendent film, a transformational story.”

Bora Yoon, composer

“Excellent, insightful overview of this outstanding piece. Also a very fine performance.”

Steve Henton, viewer

“Thank you so much for this documentary. As a lover of the music of Messiaen it was food for thoughts and more importantly an emotional exploration.”

Franck Michaux, viewer

“With Dürer’s visions of the Apocalypse, haunting landscape cinematography, and poignant archival footage of World War II, H. Paul Moon’s movie weaves a delicate counterpoint between past and present, turmoil and serenity, to give shape and colour to Olivier Messiaen’s masterwork.”

Pierre Brévignon, author


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